New Shmaltz Album in the make

Carsten Wegener is putting finishing touches to the new album by his band Shmaltz. Album release will be early summer 2017.


Chris Lastelle has started to mix Metamorphosis Part 2

Mixing material by Harald Großkopf, JAnek Siegele, DJ Scratchy, Issey Ogata and many more has just started. Whereas Metamorphosis - part I concentraed ob songs by various artists, part II will be focusing on atmospheric tracks. A release dats has not been put forward.

Klaus Wagner starts mixing TV Film "Krauses Glück"

Recording the score for German TV film comedy Krauses Glück, directed by Bernd Böhlisch, has been completed. Written by Jakob Ilja, Klaus Wagner hast started mixing the music.

Jakob Ilja with a busy schedule for 2nd half of 2016

After finishing the score for Krauses Glück, the TV film, written by Bernd Böhlisch, Jakob Ilja will go on to write music for the TV film Kuddeklmuddel, a comedy, directed by Lars Jessen, produced by Krebs-Krabben Film GmbH (Hamurg & Cologne) for German puplic television. The film will be staring German iconic actor Axel Prahl.

In October he will start producing an album for Berlin based band Chaplin.

Jakob Ilja to write score for TV film by Bernd Böhlich

Krauses Glück, a TV film produced by mafilm GmbH (Berlin) for ARD degeto and rbb starts shooting on May 18th. Bernd Böhlich wrote the script and directs. Krauses Glück is the 5th in a series of TV featuring the actor Horst Krause "as himself", the small town policeman.